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All About Lightning
by Martin A. Uman

Book Description:
Not Available.

Paperback - 167 pages (December 1986)
Our Price: $7.95

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Battling the Elements : Weather and Terrain in the Conduct of War
by Harold A. Winters (Editor), David W. Rhyne (Contributor)

From Booklist October 15, 1998

This work, drawn from a class Winters taught at West Point, underscores the importance of weather, terrain, and soil type on military operations. In addition to describing the general influence that a storm or sea of mud exerts on a battle, Winters stresses that the effects of such factors are never identical, even in battles occurring in the same place at the same time of year. English Channel weather in June favored the evacuation from Dunkirk one year; four years later it nearly postponed D-Day. Winters and his team adopt a broad, even global view, involving world-wide climate and geology in their analyses. Geology guided the early course of the American Civil War, and set the parameters of any army's offensive and defensive strategy along the Rhine River. The authors also examine the constraints on fighting in jungles, steppe, deserts, rivers, and islands, as experienced in dozens of well-known conflicts, most from World War II. An intriguing perspective that goes beyond instructing plebes to engaging recreational readers of military affairs. IGilbert Taylor

Hardcover - 336 pages (October 1998)
Our Price: $39.95

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Climate Change 1995 : Economic and Social Dimensions of Climate Change
by James P. Bruce (Editor), Hoe-Song Yi (Editor), Erik F. Haites (Editor), Hoesung Lee (Editor)

Book Description:
The social costs of climate change will vary dramatically from country to country. This landmark assessment addresses the response options, applicability of cost-benefit analysis to climate change, and the costs faced by the many countries committed to limit greenhouse gas emissions by 2000.

Paperback (September 1996)
Our Price: $40.00

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Climate System Modeling
by Kevin E. Trenberth (Editor)

Book Description
Global climate change is of considerable importance to human and natural systems. Quantitative evaluation of the potential impact of human activitites in creating global change is central to any potential policy responses to mitigate those potential changes. Clearly, it would help to predict the climatic future in some detail; therein lies the problem: The processes that make up a planet's climate are too large and too complex to be reproduced physically in the laboratory. Instead, mathematical expressions for the physical principles can be worked into a computer model of the natural system. While they cannot reveal the full complexity of reality, they can, however, reveal the logical consequences of plausible assumptions about how climate systems operate. The critical task is to formulate, build and then validate the models. ^L In this volume, for the first time a truly interdisciplinary and comprehensive study is made of climate systems modeling.

Hardcover - 788 pages (January 1993)
Our Price: $69.95

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Essentials of Weather
by Joseph M. Moran, Michael D. Morgan (Contributor)

From the Back Cover:
Short paperback which integrates coverage of current and relevant environmental issues such as stratospheric ozone depletion and global climatic warming.

Paperback - 368 pages 1 edition (November 11, 1994)
Our Price: $69.00

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