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Meteorology Today : An Introduction to Weather, Climate, and the Environment/With Infotrak
by C. Donald Ahrens

Book Description:

Ahren's METEOROLOGY TODAY is the # 1 text in the market! This text presents the fundamental concepts of meteorology in the context of everyday weather observations. This is a perfect blend of theory and application in meteorology. The book features a traditional yet flexible organization, moving from atmospheric elements to air movement to severe weather, then finally global and climate change. Ahren's successfully excites the student reader by teaching them to actively observe the weather. The organization contains enough detail to provide a higher level student with the detail he/she needs, as well as an accessible writing style for the weaker student. This text contains extensive new features that significantly address the market needs of accuracy, currency, earlier presentation of mapping and forecasting, with a greatly enhanced technology package.

Hardcover 6th edition (December 1999)
Our Price: $80.95

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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics : Air Pollution to Climate
by John H. Seinfeld, Spyros Pandis (Contributor)

From the Back Cover:

The only single-source reference available on atmospheric chemistry, aerosols, and atmospheric models.

This fully revised and expanded version of John H. Seinfeld's successful Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics of Air Pollution provides a rigorous, comprehensive treatment of the chemistry of the atmosphere. With new chapters on such important topics as cloud physics, nucleation, and wet deposition, this book offers a truly up-to-date examination of atmospheric chemistry today, including: Chemistry of the stratosphere and troposphere Formation, growth, dynamics, thermodynamics, and properties of aerosols Meteorology of air pollution Transport, diffusion, and removal of species in the atmosphere Formation and chemistry of clouds Interaction of atmospheric chemistry and climate Radiative and climatic effects of gases and particles Formulation of mathematical chemical/transport models of the atmosphere.

Complete with solved examples, problems graded according to difficulty, and hundreds of illustrations, this state-of-the art reference is an ideal resource for both students and professionals in all areas of engineering as well as atmospheric science.

Paperback - 1326 pages (October 1997)
Our Price: $88.95

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The Change in the Weather : People, Weather, and the Science of Climate
by William K. Stevens

Book Description:

William Stevens, a science reporter for The New York Times, opens his vivid--and sometimes frightening--book The Change in the Weather with a look at the Chicago disaster, moving on to consider it and other calamities in the context of millions of years of climatic change. In the last several decades, violent storms, long considered to be aberrations of nature, have come to seem almost the norm. The jury is still out, but much evidence suggests that the so-called greenhouse effect is fueling these ever-more-powerful storms. With global warming come hotter average temperatures; hotter temperatures mean increased water vapor, the stuff from which storms are made; more storms mean more flooding; more flooding means more soil erosion and the destruction of the world's estuaries and coastlines; and so on. Stevens carefully describes some of the scientific debates on global warming and ever-nastier weather, and on what, if anything, might be done to reverse or slow these apparent trends.

Hardcover - 432 pages (December 28, 1999)
Our Price: $24.95

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Catastrophe: A Quest for the Origins of the Modern World
by David Keys

The New York Times Book Review
Malcolm W. Browne

...this book must be taken seriously, if only as a reminder that survival in a world threatened by real dangers hangs by a very slender thread.

Hardcover - 352 pages (February 1, 2000)
List Price:
Our Price: $17.50
You Save: $7.50 (30%)

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Adlard Coles' Heavy Weather Sailing
by K. Adlard Coles, Peter Bruce (Editor)

Book Description:

Since this book was first published in 1967, it has become the standard work on seamanship under gale conditions. More than 199,000 copies have been printed in the English language, and there are editions in French, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, and Spanish. This fifth edition is the most thorough revision since the book's first publication. Twenty-one of the book's 31 chapters are new, and include contributions from famously experienced sailors such as Olin Stephens, John Shuttleworth, Mike Golding, Robin Knox Johnson, and Val Haigh. Peter Bruce himself has contributed seven chapters. Four chapters deal with multihulls, and one wilth powerboats. Although two-thirds of the book is brand-new and eight of the remaining 11 chapters are heavily revised, Heavy Weather Sailing retains the mix of actual storm survival stories with expert analysis and advice. In equal parts, that has been its successful formula for over 30 years. The dramatic black-and-white photos of storm seas are also retaining, and in fact are enhanced with 60 new, awesome shots in color.

Hardcover - 288 pages 30Thanniv edition (October 1999)
List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $27.97
You Save: $11.98 (30%)

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