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Weather To Fly, Basic Concepts For Flight With Dixon White

From the Back Cover

A much needed instructional video on meteorology. Dixon White, Master pilot and USHGA Examiner, takes you through a simple step-by-step process showing where to acquire weather data and how to interpret it

You will learn WEATHER TO FLY - where to acquire weather data and how to interpret it, OVER-ALL WIND - Learn about the Jet Stream, ISO Bars, along with High and Low pressure systems, and STABILITY - Terms, temperature with altitude, pressure system effect, and over-all changes. You will also learn about THERMAL and LIFTED INDEX CALCULATIONS, how to evaluate basic CLOUD SYSTEMS, and Effect of TERRAIN FEATURES.

"Weather to Fly" is packed with one useful detail after another in a straightforward presentation to help pilots of any aircraft understand more about modeling and forecasting

Our Price: $39.95

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Hurricanes-Deadly Wind Deadly

Our Price: $19.95

  • NTSC format (US and Canada only)
  • Color, NTSC

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National Geographic's Cyclone! (1996)

Video Description

Brave the eye of the storm in CYCLONE! Anyone, at any time, can fall victim to nature's raging furies. Around the globe, hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons strike - without mercy and often without warning. So far this century, more than half a million lives have been lost to the violent forces of cyclones, tropical storms, and the wicked weather swirling in and around them. National Geographic chronicles some of the world's most shocking storms with gripping footage and scenes of heart-thumping, real-life drama: roofs ripped from houses, trees snapped like toothpicks, and trucks tossed about like children's toys. From twisters sweeping across the Midwest's "Tornado Alley", to the vicious force of Florida's Hurricane Andrew, to the deadly powerful typhoons of the Pacific, the forces of nature are among the most powerful forces on earth. Before the next killer storm, scientists are rushing to unlock the mysteries of the CYCLONE!

Our Price: $19.91

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National Geographic's Killer Wave: Power of the Tsunami (1997)

Video Description

Dare to confront one of the sea's most deadly monsters - the tsunami. Its freak waves can race undetected across an ocean at 600 miles per hour, crashing ashore like a bomb...and pushing massive walls of water that swallow cities whole. In the past century, tsunamis (literally "harbor waves") have taken the lives of 50,000 people - with almost no warning. And scientists tell us that another destructive tsunami - perhaps Pacific-wide - could strike at any time. Now, National Geographic Video lets you encounter these killers up close through heart-stopping footage and survivors' stories. You'll witness unimaginable devastation in Hawaii, California, and Japan...travel the Pacific Rim to track the underwater earthquakes that spawn tsunamis...and watch as residents of this seismically volatile region brace for the next KILLER WAVE.

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